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Role of Environment in Child development

A child’s development is influenced by the environment that is governed by both nature and nurture.

What is an environment for a child?

Whatever the child sees and feels around itself, all the bodily surroundings on Earth are known as the environment to a child. The environment includes living and nonliving things. A safe, approachable, and nurturing environment plays a significant part in the learning and development stage of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

How does the environment influence child development?

One of the most important influencing factors on your child’s development is his/her family. Parents who spend quality time with their children create a secure bond with their children and hence the child grows with a shield of attachment and confidence. The time you invest in nurturing your child will show in his/her positive development and growth.

Listed below are the things that you can do to strengthen the bond with your child.

  • Spare time to read regularly with your child, thus establishing a routine and helping both of you bond with each other.

  • Playing indoor and outdoor games benefits establishing a close relationship as well as in helping him develop their motor skills.

  • Make time for interactions, be it about your day or theirs, showing them that his/her inputs and opinions are valuable to you. it is important to know that maintaining a good relationship with your child is important but not enough.

  • Show that you care for them. Caring for your children and paying the same amount of attention will make them develop a sense of fairness and companionship.

The child's immediate family environment shapes a sense of stability, self-worth and worldview. Routines such as eating meals together as a family or going to the park on Sundays provide opportunities for family members to develop social relationships amongst themselves. Family rituals also promote a sense of belonging. Bedtime routines are associated with better sleep patterns amongst children. The outcome of the environment on child development cannot be discreet, and this includes the physical surroundings they are growing.

Schools like Amigos Primary School, Vijayawada plays a significant part in a child’s life considering how much time he spends there every day. As a parent, it is your responsibility to identify which school is most suited to your child’s needs. Keeping yourself updated with your child’s school activities and progress, meeting his teachers regularly and interacting with his peers and their parents is the mark of a virtuous and concerned parent.

Register your child for enrichment courses like singing classes, dance, martial arts programs, meditation, music classes, and so on, depending on the field of interest. It is important in today’s time owing to the dependence on technology and the internet.

An optimistic family environment delivers consistency for durable childhood development.

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