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Best Ways to Foster a Love of Nature in Kids

As it is rightly stated by Penny Whitehouse

“Encourage your child to have muddy, grassy or sandy feet by the end of each day – that’s the childhood they deserve.”

As kids, every one of us can relate to the fact of making sandhills with our friends or playing hide and seek for hours long. Time in nature is one of the best ways for kids to explore the seasons and learn about their beauty. Fortunately, when it comes to more hands-on learning, there are many ways you can inspire a deeper interest in our earth or life in general. It manifests as a great idea to get your little one some interesting field guides to the common animals, birds, insects, or plants in your area. Children will be overjoyed when they spot a tree or bug they’ve read about or seen in their curriculum or a storybook!

Here are some cool activities to do with your kid to inculcate love and admiration for nature :

  • Explore Nature

Go ahead and expose them to the natural world from the time they are toddling. Start with walks in the park surrounded by trees and greenery or tummy time in the garden. Get those little hands busy feeling the grass between their fingers or the crunch of leaves under their little feet. Laugh together at that funny-shaped bush or that pebble that looks like a bear! Books are a great way to introduce nature to kids. There are some excellent children’s books about nature that you can read together while looking at the colorful pictures and pointing out familiar flowers, bugs and animals. Make the children explore the beauty of nature from a very tender age.

  • Step out with the kids

Just step out of the house with your little one, and feel nature enfold and embrace you instantly. A family hike in the nearby hills or woods is an amazing outdoor activity for kids to spend some quality time in nature, discovering new trails and wondering at the glorious flora and fauna all around. Take a walk in the park, stopping to admire an unusual-shaped leaf or a busy bird building its nest. And of course, don’t forget the favourite outdoor activity of all kids – a picnic! Let the birds and butterflies join in – the best way for your little one to make friends with nature.

  • Nature-loving hobby

Make nature related activities as a part of their routine. Get them some basic field equipment like magnifying lenses, a pair of binoculars, or a simple telescope. Encourage your children to observe nature and take notes on what they see. A cool nature-themed notebook can be used to make sketches of insects or to stick photos or dry leaves in. Another great idea is to get your little one some interesting field guides to the common animals, birds, insects, or plants in your area.

The beautiful and maginificent world out there with the possibilities for fun and frolic awaits for the kids. Let them explore it endlessly!

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