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Amigos is the first step towards nurturing the blooming Leaders of Society.

What is Amigos? 

At Amigos, we work towards instilling critical thinking skills and other foundational skills in your child that will help them easily adapt to life. At Amigos we build a community of creativity and inclusive learning with knowledge.

We have subject matter experts who specialize in building a positive learning environment and focus on effective teaching techniques. Our faculties not just help our little amigos to widen the horizons of their knowledge but also ensures to encourage problem solving skills and deep thinking.

Our Faculty

We believe that focusing on the cognitive, cultural, emotional and physical development of the child should be the first priority of Amigos. We work towards instilling confidence in our young minds by exposing them to diversified learning methods which help them to turn out to be an admirable citizen.

Our Focus

Our vision is to offer a conducive environment for high standard learning of literacy skills,motor skills, moral and ethical values, and quality social and communication skills, and promoting creative learning. We aspire to work towards crafting strong self-esteem and self-reliance with our young learners to make a difference. 

Our Vision

Our holistic approach towards primary education is very child - centered that helps us to explore the dynamics of the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Another distinctive approach we take pride of is our play based teaching technique, where our curious champs goes through exploration and experimentation of topics.

Our Distinctive Approach

Our Approach

Learning without play and involvement is not learning at all.

As Indians, we have always held a belief in the concept of activity-based learning, but it was overlooked at some point.

The Early years of learning play a pivotal role in forming the personality of the child into an individual.  The child deserves a happy learning experience that is an embodiment of space, people, elements, and above all a strong purpose.


A Happy Child Today is an inspiring Individual tomorrow. 


Chigurupati Sri Krishnaveni for the last 40 years has been synonymous with value-based education in Vijayawada.

Amigos Primary School by Chigurupati Sri Krishnaveni integrates the values into a much-needed involving learning atmosphere, where children turn into amigos (friends) of learning for a lifetime. 


I'm very happy with the school. The school not just teaches what's there in the books, but also teaches moral values to the kids by conducting various interactive programs. They make parents and grandparents also a part of them. All our family members feel like a part of Amigos, I truly mean it. My kids enjoy going to the school with great enthusiasm.

Naveen Kumar

My son Gaman Sri Sai studying PP2 in this school. It’s really a very good practice to the children to improve their personality and I suggest to conduct these type of activities much more frequently.


Happy to participating in funfiniy activity with my child @ children are very active in participating in all activities because of the school is giving more important to children to participate in all programs without any fears so that children can learn more ..💡💭🤩

Good Care.
Activity Centric Learning.
Understanding Teachers.
Concessional Fee.
Comprehensive Teaching Plan.
Looking forward to augmented Infrastructure.

The best school in vijayawada.The school always cares for students future.every one has equal priority it has a top educational system.the schools has an experienced staff.All programmes will be conducted.very good and friendly teachers.

This is the right place for children to explore and enrich their knowledge. I am a Happy Parent of getting Admission to My Children Hrishikesh Vth Flyers and Pranavesh lllrd Bloomers. I am Happy to Share With the Support of the Teachers and the School My Son Hrishikesh Got 3 Gold Medals in Olympiad. Thank You Amigos...😊

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Amigos primary school, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw. The school's facilities are top-notch, with modern and well-equipped classrooms, a spacious library, and excellent sports facilities. The campus is clean, well-maintained, and provides a safe and secure environment for students to learn and grow.

The teaching staff at Amigos primary school is highly qualified, experienced, and passionate about their work. They engage with students effectively and create a positive and encouraging learning environment. I was also impressed with the school's curriculum, which is both rigorous and diverse, with a range of extracurricular activities that cater to the interests and talents of all students.


I found the school's approach to student to be inclusive, diverse, and welcoming. The school is committed to ensuring a safe and supportive community for all students, and their policies on discipline, bullying, and harassment are exemplary.

Overall, I have nothing but praise for Amigos primary school, and I would highly recommend it to any parents looking for an outstanding school for their children. The school's commitment to academic excellence, student development, and community engagement sets it apart from other schools and makes it a truly exceptional educational institution."


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Your Child is a born hero. Make her an Amigo!

Amigos is not just a learning community but it is a deeply bonded family, where learners from different background come together to share knowledge. This helps our young charmers to feel relaxed and focus on learning. 

Friends of Community

We believe in training our students in empowering a sustainable world with reliable eco-friendly approach towards change. We believe in the blessing of nature and so do our students.

Friends of Learning

We believe in inclusive education where our students explore the social projects that encourages participation of the entire team. This is specially focused around social development and confidence building.

Friends of Nature

Learning in children demands improvised teaching methods. Here in Amigos we work towards making learning as engaging and better as possible. We ensure to thrill our little amigos with creative teaching approaches

Friends of Friends

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